Case study for organizational culture class

Organizational Case Study

the company I chose is starbucks for this first case study,

An effective way for students to learn about organizational behavior is by analyzing the management activities of a real organization.  This project is designed to create such an opportunity.  Each student will write an individual case study describing an organizational situation from the perspective of a research analyst.  The case may be derived from personal experiences in the workplace, or observations of other organizations with which you interact.   The case should be written in APA format and consist of a) background information about the organization, its personnel and leadership, b) full description of the organizational behavior or situation, c) an explanation for why and from who’s perspective it is viewed as problematic, and d) an analysis of the factors that may be contributing to the situation.  Note that organizational behaviors that are viewed as problematic rarely emanate from a single cause, so be sure that your case explores all relevant contributing factors.  All components will be graded for clarity, completeness and quality:

Background content                           5 points

Description of situation                      5 points

Explanation of problem                      5 points

Analysis of contributing factors         5 points

Total                                                  20 points
the book that you should use is:


Greenberg, J. (2011).  Behavior in Organizations, 10th ed., Pearson Education.

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