Case Study: Credit Card and Checking account Comparison

| May 18, 2015

Using savings plans, checking accounts, and other financial services is a primary personal financial planning activity. Financial products such as savings plans and checking accounts are used for managing daily financial activities. Commercial banks and Investments banks may be compared on the basis of services offered, rates and fees, safety, convenience, and special programs available to customers. Regular checking accounts, activity accounts, and interest-earning checking accounts can be compared with regard to restrictions (such as a minimum balance), fees and charges, interest, and special services. Demonstrate how these services are offered among banks.

Follow the path shown below to compare financial services for the selected banks via DSM.
• Go to Qatar stock exchange website:((
• From the menu, click on the Trading companies
• Choose two banks and then visit the banks web sites
• Compare the credit card offers by completing the chart below to describe key features of each.
• Compare the Checking accounts by completing the chart below to describe key features of each
• Write a one-page (1.5 space, double between paragraphs, maximum 1500 words ) paper summarizing what you learned by comparing the credit cards and the checking account then mention which credit card offer and checking account are the best for you and why.

Financial Services Features for both services
Credit Card for Bank 1 Bank 2 and Checking account for Bank 1 Bank 2

1-APR (annual percentage rate): Is it fixed or variable?

2-Monthly fee

3-Overdraft fee

4-Transaction fees (balance transfers, deposits, withdrawal etc.)

5-Minimum Balance

6-Penalty if money drops below the minimum balance
Other features


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