Case Study: Blue Gum

| May 21, 2014

Promotional products within Australia and overseas. Currently the business is based in Victoria and has additional offices in Sydney, North Queensland and in Ningbo, China. In Australia each store employs a store manager and Approximately ten (10) employees. Senior management of Blue Gum have planned to increase company Profits by 10% in the current financial year. A key focus of the strategy is on controlling costs within the business as a means of achieving their profit targets. Up until just recently, all HR practices were managed at a local Level by each of the individual store managers but staff turnover was a Problem. As part of the company’s strategic plan and focus on controlling costs, Blue Gum wants to better manage its HR operations.

Imagine you are the National Human Resources Manager who has been

employed to assist Blue Gum in achieving this. Your first task has been to

review the current recruitment practices used by the stores. In your review of company documentation and the website policies at: you have determined that

Blue Gum does not have any Recruitment, Selection or Induction policies in Place. You have also determined that the procedures and supporting Documents vary from store to store

TASK: You need to prepare certain documents for the Blue Gum senior

management team. You need to provide them with:

TASK: You need to prepare certain documents for the Blue Gum senior

Management team. You need to provide them with:


1. A recruitment policy (including procedures)

2. A selection policy (including procedures)

3. An induction policy (including procedures)

4. A job application form

5. A written response to the following questions asked by Blue Gum

senior management team:


A. How will formal recruitment, selection and induction policies

assist Blue Gum in achieving its strategy of HR consistency

across all the stores?


B. Why is it important that senior management and store managers

Support and endorse the new policies? How will you convince

Them if they don’t support them?


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