Case Study: Applying Crisis Intervention Models, Skills, and Strategies

| July 21, 2016

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Review Chapter 3, “Intervention and Assessment Models”


Review Chapter 4, “Tools of the Trade”


Chapter 5, “Crisis Case Handling”


Chapter 6, “Telephone and Online Crisis Case Counseling”


To prepare for this assignment:


*Review Chapter 3 and 4 in your course text, Crisis Intervention Strategies, noting the skills involved in executing the six-step model of crisis intervention, as well as other basic skills and strategies used in crisis intervention.


**Review Chapter 5 in your course text, Crisis Intervention Strategies, focusing on the skills and strategies that are utilized in crisis case handling.

Review the video programs, “Borderline” and “Crisis Line,” focusing on the specific skills and strategies that the human services professionals use to assist their clients.


*Review the article, “Comparative Analysis of Three Crisis Intervention Models Applied to Law Enforcement First Responders During 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina,” as well as the article(s) you selected to read for the Discussion from the four options provided. Focus on the skills that a human services professional would need in order to carry out the steps in each model, particularly the assessment of a client’s needs.

Read the case study that follows. As you read, consider the needs of the Rodriguez family, as well as how you would address these needs using the models, skills, and strategies you have learned about this week.



***Case Study: The Rodriguez Family

You are a human services professional at an emergency shelter. A major flood has recently occurred in a nearby community, destroying many homes and businesses. Your new clients are the Rodriguez family: father, Michael; mother, Sarah; and twin 9-year-old daughters, Cynthia and Mary. The Rodriguez family has lost their home in the flood, and does not have flood insurance. In addition, the family’s livelihood has been compromised because the restaurant where Sarah worked was destroyed in the flood. Michael is a full-time student, so the family has lost its only source of income.


The assignment (2–3 pages):


*Identify and briefly describe the crisis/es facing the Rodriguez family.


*Describe the basic needs that first must be addressed for the family.


*Describe what the family’s ongoing needs will be.


*Explain which issues will need to be addressed in order to remove the Rodriguez family from their current crisis/es.


*Explain which model(s) of intervention you might use to address the family’s basic and ongoing needs, and why.


*Select at least three specific skills and/or strategies that would assist you in implementing the model(s) you selected.


*Then explain how you might execute these skills and/or strategies and why they might be effective in addressing the family’s basic and ongoing needs.

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