Case study analysis

| July 3, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Follow each and everything in the assessment brief file page where indicates all the instructions and must do things and page layout format as well.

Achieve all the marking criteria’s requirements!

Relevant slides uploaded , you need to study and apply them along the paper.

For example, week 3 part 1-what’s bob’s service strategy and competitiveness-refer and apply to Bob’s coffee shop and understand their customer needs and expectations and Operational Capabilities( focus on). In the slide 6, related to case questions 2 n 3:Order qualifiers n Winner qualifiers, Experience n Credence attributes.

Case question 1). week 3 part 2 slide 2: Rank 5 priorities and explain how they go and differentiate in the Bob’s case.

Week 3 part 3 slide 3: in the case question you need to define the mission and vision in the Bob’s shop and what is the vision statement and strategy in Bob’s Coffee Shop??

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Models of Policy Change Presentation
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