Case Study: Adam West

| May 26, 2014

Adam West is a 29 year old construction worker who works hard and parties even harder. He was admitted to hospital with shortness of breath, wheeze and a low grade fever of 37.9 C.
This is his second day on the ward, upon entering his room you note that his respiratory effort is laboured, he appears diaphoretic and he is speaking in short phrases you decide to do a set of vital signs, the results are as follows: T 39.4 C, Respiratory Rate 32, BP 100/70, Pulse 120bpm, O2 Saturations 93% on room air.

1. Identify what nursing assessments your patient requires during your shift and provide rationales of why.
2. Identify possible nursing diagnoses that Adam may have and provide a rationale for your choice.
3. Identify what nursing interventions that Adam requires during your shift and provide rationales of why.


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