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| February 12, 2014

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The heart of the idea of human rights … is this: Every human being, simply as a human being, is sacred (is “inviolable”, has “inherent dignity”, is “an end in himself” [sic], or the like); therefore, certain choices should be made and certain other choices rejected; in particular, certain things ought not to be done to any human being and certain things ought to be done for every human being.
– Michael J. Perry, The Idea of Human Rights: Four Inquiries. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998, page 43.
Discuss the above quote from Perry in light of the ongoing debate between universalism and cultural relativism in the contemporary human rights discourse. Use one reasonably contemporary example of a human rights abuse that is affected by this debate to illustrate your discussion. Indicate which international human rights instruments are relevant to it and which mechanisms are available to address it. How effective do you consider the mechanisms you refer to are in this situation?
marking criterion:
Substance – your knowledge of the subject matter of the course and other relevant material will be assessed.
Research – you will do independent research (i.e. beyond the course materials) which should be evident in the text and references. For the research essay, a reference list or bibliography, which will not count towards the word limit, must be included. A good or outstanding assignment or essay will refer to some books and articles that go beyond the course materials.
Structure – the assignment/research essay must follow a logical structure. You must answer the questions posed by your assignment or essay topic. Your work should have an introduction in which the approach to the assignment/case study topic is set out and in which key parts of the assignment are flagged for the reader. Each sentence, paragraph and section of the essay must lead logically to the next. Please use subheadings to guide the reader.
Spelling and grammar – the assignment should demonstrate writing and literacy skills of a high standard. To learn what the standard is, you should read the set readings and other recommended texts. Typographical errors, spelling mistakes and the like are distracting and may lead to a lower mark.
Academic honesty – please see the material on plagiarism which appears elsewhere in this Course outline. While you may discuss generally the issues raised by the problem and research strategies with your classmates, you may not plan the structure or contents of your assignment with another person and your written assignment must represent your own work, and be properly referenced where you draw on the work of others. If you have any doubts about what is or is not appropriate, please consult me.
Compliance with formal requirements set out above. Failure to comply with formatting requirements may lead to the deduction of marks. Note also that normal Faculty policies in relation to excessive length and late submission will apply.
There is no prescribed referencing system for the course. Students may use the referencing system they are familiar with. However, they must use it consistently and use it to cite all their sources.
case studies should be double-spaced and in a standard font 12 point. They should be printed in black on white paper
Case studies should address all issues raised by the set topic. They should be clearly structured with a brief introduction and conclusion. Subtitles are useful to assist the reader follow your line of argument. Case studies should provide knowledge of the ideas discussed in class and awareness of contemporary issues. They should contain a complete bibliography or reference list of all sources used, and follow an appropriate referencing system. Sources can include books, articles and appropriate websites. A standard bibliography or reference list for this case study would have at least five (5) sources.
Marks will be awarded for style (a maximum of two marks) and for the development of your argument (a maximum of three marks). Case studies must be submitted by 4 pm on the date due.
General Guidelines and Marking Criteria: Research Essay (Case Study)
The essay topic is provided, however all research is conducted by the student. The research essay is designed to develop independent research skills, while still fine tuning general writing and comprehension ability. Assessment will be based on the essays:
Structure: Clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
Topic definition: Clarity of scope/delineation of scope of essay
Argument: Logical flow of proposition and evidence; integration of evidence and consideration on contrary positions.
Research: Evidence of sufficient independent research to adequately address issues in topic; use of appropriate sources for topic – eg primary where available, peer reviewed; evidence of awareness of any relevant issues arising from class readings; citation and referencing; all sources acknowledged; Correct and consistent citation and Bibliography
Analysis/critical thinking: Reflection – essay engages with the material; reflection – essay demonstrates independent thought; conclusions are drawn; different perspectives are evaluated; identification of knowledge gaps; ability to weigh sources by evaluation and judgment and awareness of the ambit of sources.
Style: Grammar, sentence, paragraph structure etc and appropriate tone/voice – minimal verbosity.
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