Case Questions: Fleet Bank

| May 20, 2014
  1. Briefly outline the problems experienced at Fleet (do not analyze, just outline issues).
  2. The case states that “the increase in involuntary turnover then provoked higher levels of voluntary turnover, perhaps because the remaining employees began to worry about their own job security.” What is voluntary and involuntary turnover? Is this statement accurate? What are the bases for it?
  3. To get at the cause of the issues, Fleet took a stab at “modeling drivers of turnover.” What does “modeling” mean”? What is a “model”?
  4. Related to the above, how does one create a model? How does one know that his/her model is accurate?
  5. Fleet states that they recognized “keys to retention.” Is it possible that other keys are also important? How does one discover them?

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Think of an ethical dilemma/issue you experienced recently- one in which you had to decide whether one choice or another was the more ethical. This can be a situation you experienced at home, work or elsewhere. Briefly describes the situation and the decision you made.
Where a written contract exists, Australian courts do not provide (and should not provide) remedies for breach of any verbal promises that were made during contract negotiations, unless those verbal promises were included in the written version of the contract.’ Discuss the accuracy of this statement.

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