Case Management Plan

| October 16, 2015

Case Management Plan. (40%)
Length: up to 2,000 words (including case study and management plan). Max 2200 words no more than 2200 words.
Referencing – in-text and bibliography: APA 6th edition style.
You will need to;
create an original ‘case study’ and
develop a management plan based on the case study
The case study you create (approximately 250 words) should involve a child with an emotional or behavioral disorder which is causing significant behaviour problems in a real or hypothetical scenario. The case study should be based on as real a scenario as is possible – use research, actual practical experience, or discuss with classroom teachers with whom you have contact.
The behaviour management plan you develop (approximately 1,750 words) should be one which is able to be implemented in a “real life” situation and should offer a teacher (and school) the best opportunities of improving outcomes for the child represented in the case study.
It is important that you ensure that the decisions you make will take practical classroom implementation into consideration. You will need to be aware of your own developing ‘personal teaching philosophy’ which will evolve as you consider your personal contexts and attributes and as you explore teaching philosophies introduced in this unit (and other units).
You may refer to ‘individual education plans’ when developing your behaviour management plan, but do remember that many of these are quite general in nature.
You may include a range of support materials in an appendices section.
There are a number of issues which you need to demonstrate understanding of and these include:
context (age, gender, school, neighbourhood, etc.)
types of behaviours demonstrated
nature of disorder(s) being case managed – with relevant “evidence” of diagnosis or lack thereof
hypothetical school and home history of student
examples of situations in which the student finds him/herself and triggers which lead to problems
research underpinning all recommendations made
consider feedback, monitoring, evaluation and adjustment to the plan
Marking Rubric:
Work is complete, with both Case Study and Management Plan being included. Length is appropriate – with a word limit of no more than 2,200 words
The Case Study and Management Plan is entirely realistic. They provide a usefully detailed analysis of the child’s situation and provide a realistic plan which could be successfully implemented in a mainstream classroom
All elements of the assessment instructions (above) have been incorporated into your assignment
There is clear evidence of good research and referencing has adhered strictly to the APA sixth edition format
The assignment is well organised, succinctly presented, gramatically correct, and all syntax and spelling is correct

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Case Management Plan
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