| May 18, 2015

Proposal Outline

you have to identify a problem at a chosen company, propose at least three possible solutions to that problem, and then request to analyze the possible solutions. The problem should be related to a technology or technical process that is used at the company.

1-The issue you choose,…
• Should relate to mechanical engineering area.

2- Be creative, use your imagination in choosing a topic.

• Briefly summarize the proposed plan, service or product.
• Grab the readers attention by previewing the main benefit.
• Describe the scope of the project.

• Discuss the problem or need.
• Company background
• Provide a general situation that has led to the current problem.

5-Identification of Options
• Includes 3 options for improving / solving the problem.

6-Staffing, Timeline, Budget – Completion of Analytical Report
• Evidence of clear and detailed planning.

7-Request for Authorization
• Clear request in appropriate / formal manner.

• Follow IEEE formatting guidelines 100%.


• Two academic sources

10-Formatting Requirements
• Title Page, Header, 12 point, Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins

11-Maximum of (((250 words)))
be included in the word Also what is in between citation is not included in the word count).

12-This is a proposal. Therefore, you should not be deciding between
the three options.

13-Topic should be complex enough that there are three possible
options to solve the issue.

14-Imagine you are writing….
• an email to a long-time friend,
• a cover letter to a potential employer,
• a proposal to your boss,
• an event invitation to a group of classmates,
• an introduction letter to a new client.

15-Strike a Balance
• Use language that is professional, but easy to understand.
• Explain terminology but also be concise.
• Persuade your audience (show your passion) but also be mindful of tone


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