Case analysis for the Emmanuel Medical Center

| March 5, 2014

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Hi, I will be attaching a copy of the syllabus, in which the description of this assignment and general rules to follow. I will also be attaching the lecture slides, which will give you an idea of what the professor is looking for in terms of analysis and graphs included in the addendum, but not part of the 3 page limit. This case analysis will also be attached.
the following things should be done:
Service Area Competitor Analysis? Using the Emanuel Medical Center case, complete the following requirements (in addition to the same analyses applied in the Cooper Green Hospital case – SOSI, stakeholder analysis, trends analysis). Specifically:
Identify the service category and service area;
Conduct a Service Area Structural Analysis;
Identify the key competitors and try to list their strengths and weaknesses; and
Group or Map the competitors into strategic groups.
Summarize your conclusion based on your SACA
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