case Analyses

| May 20, 2015


Double spaced. Directions: Carry out the following analysis of the case given. Complete all information asked.

You must follow the Rubric and the information that I was given in the document

1. In Lucy’s co-teaching situation, there are several adults. What should these coteaching partners consider as they plan?
2. Lucy and Ida are co-teaching to better meet the needs of students with mild disabilities as well as students who are at risk for school failure and non-native English speakers. What should these two teachers incorporate into their instruction to best meet the needs of all these students?
3. What co-teaching options do Lucy and Ida use? Are they the most effective options for this situation?
4. Lucy chose to co-teach with a friend for several reasons: They knew each other and therefore would not need to establish rapport and build trust, and they both knew the students in Ida’s class. However, Lucy is now faced with the challenge of maintaining a working relationship with her friend. What issues does Lucy face in meeting this challenge?
5. Lucy faces a personal challenge working with Ida. “What should she keep in mind as she works to resolve this dilemma?



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