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| February 12, 2014

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Required Content
1) Cover Page)
2) Table of Contents
3) Executive Summary (250 words maximum)
4) Case Assessment – main body of the report
• Situation and Strategy
o One paragraph summary of the situation facing the key decision maker(s) and the organization in which it is set (context)
o Description of the organization’s current strategy
Strategic direction
Product-market strategy
Competitive premise
Business system
Key capabilities
Organizational design
• Performance Assessment: How well is the organization performing:
o With its strategy?
o Financially?
o Based on other relevant performance metrics? (must be consistent with the Internal Analysis)
• External analysis
o General Environment Level
o Industry Level
o Stakeholder Based
o Conclude with a summary of the significant opportunities and threats
• Internal analysis
o What resources and relationships does the organization own, control, share or otherwise access
o Which of these are combined to create capabilities and core or distinctive competencies (, core or distinctive?
o How do they contribute to the organization’s strategy; focus on value creation and profitability?
o Conclude with a summary of the significant strengths and weaknesses
• Strategic Options Generation and Assessment
o What organizational level strategy options exist to address the situation?
o Describe which components of strategy need to change, and how, and note which do not need to change, and why?
o Develop two options in table form using the components of strategy as column headings and the options as row heading
• Assessment of Strategic Options
o How effectively do they address the external environment
o How do they use and require changes to the business system (link to your external analysis
o What is their anticipated impact on performance (link to your performance analysis)
• Recommendation and Change Plan
o Summarize your recommendation using the components of strategy (be as specific as possible)
o What key changes are being recommended for each of the components of strategy
o What needs to be done to implement these changes
o Within the week
o Within the quarter
o Within a year
o What performance indicators or other controls do you suggest be used to monitor if the recommended changes are working?
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