Case: 14 Breaching the security of an Internet Patient Portal

| July 22, 2015

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No need for cover page first page should start with the first question and followed by the rest of the pages.
The question to be answered:

1. How serious was this email security breach? Why did the Kaiser Permanente leadership react so quickly to mitigate the possible damage done by the breach.
2. Assume that you were appointed as the administrative member of the crisis team created the day the breach was uncovered. After the initial apologies, what recommendations would you make for investigating the root cause(s) of the breach? Outline your suggested investigative steps.
3. How likely do you think future security breaches would be if Kaiser Permanente  did not take steps to resolve underlying group and organizational issues? Why?
4. What role should the administrative leadership of Kaiser Permanente take in ensuring that KP online is secure? Apart from security and HIPAA  training for all personnel, what steps can be taken at the organizational level to improve the security of KP online?

use the rubric attached for answering the questions if additional pages required please contact me ASAP

Notes on the Case Discussion Questions:

  1. This breach had the potential to cause harm to KP members. The leadership 
acted quickly to
 prevent further damage
b. lower its legal risk
c. prevent harm to its members
d. Have students brainstorm other possible reasons.
  2. According to the authors of the JAIMIA article, there was a risk of future security breaches if the organizational issues were not resolved. Have the students discuss why this is the case. How can KP learn from this experience?


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