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| February 10, 2014

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The proposal should be rougly a page long, and spell out a particular question or problem, and how you hope to answer it. You should use YOUR references in your text as well as the library catalogue and such services as the databases ITER or the International Medieval Bibliography – both availabe through the library – to develop a reasonable list of scholarly books and articles to develop your work, you should explain what primary and secondary sources you anticipate you will use (we have a research paper due march, so this reserach paper bibliograpy and proposal is belonging to him and if you write his weill i will ask you to write that too, and thats like `12 pages long)and how you will use them to anser you question . The bibliograpy assightment gives you a suggestion of the minimum acceptable reading for hte paper of five monographs and eight scholarly aritcles, but authors of papers in the high B and A range will most likely use more sources. Serious work in the humanities and social sciences – not to mention the real joys of historical research – requires substantial reading.
The texts that we covered in our class are : Clifford R. Backman THe world of Medieval Europe (New York and Oxford:oxfor university press 2nd edition 2009)
Patrick J geary, ed. Readings in medieval histoy which is primary srouce book (Peterorough, On: Broadview Press 3rd edition, 2003 or Toronto, On Universtiy of TOronto press 4th edition ,2010)
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