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| April 5, 2014

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You are part of the management of a firm of independent design consultants undertaking design projects, for example architects, engineers, product designers. What principles can be applied to add design value beyond the client brief? How might the management of your design team facilitate this process and implement the principles in practice?
In addressing these principles and their implementation, consider:
• The value requirements of the client as owner or sponsor of the project;
• The occupier and end users, who may be part of the client organisation, a different organisation or the public at large – choose one of these alternatives and make your choice clear in your response;
• Other stakeholders for the facilities or products in use;
• The benefits for the design consultants.
Evaluate the distribution of benefits and the business case for added design value from the chosen principles.
Present your work in the form of dissertation focussing on the relevant sections (ignore the field work/research part of dissertation type of writing)
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