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| October 26, 2015

follow the paper rubric below and follow all the steps and make the changes, I paid for 3 additional pages in addition to what you already wrote. Thank you very much.
1. Internet Literature Search (20% of grade)
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to complete an online literature search on a topic of interest.

You will locate and retrieve at least five (5) research studies that address your selected problem.

This assignment should be preparatory work for your practice improvement paper and group class presentation.

Include a minimum of five journal articles, at least two from research in journals. Follow APA style rules.

1. Explain in one paragraph why you chose the topic in question.

2. Identify the key concepts words you used in your search.

3. Identify the search engines you used in your search: CINAHL, PUBMED, PROQUEST. Do not use search engine outside the library. You may use Professional Organizations, Regulatory Agencies, Professional Institutes and Health Organizations such as: World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, Center for Disease Control, Agency for Healthcare and Research, CMS, AHCA, The Joint.

4. Present the articles and explain the type of evidence: USE the PYRAMID to refer to the level of evidence and then describe the type of article: Research Type Quantitative or Qualitative: Randomized clinical Trial, Systematic Review, Meta –Analysis, Cohort Study, Case Series, Case Report, Retrospective Chart Review to Expert Opinion, Editorial, Best Practice Guideline.
5. Present the Reference in APA Format in a separate page per APA

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Using a Quantitative Research Method, “Chi Square” in the City and Regional (Urban) Planning Profession
Application of Operational Police Strategy

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