Canadian theatre history

| March 22, 2015

This is an essay about the importance of chosen topic to Canadian theatre history, which requires a strong thesis statement, as well as an annotated bibliography of some relevant sources. It is not a full-blown research paper, but a prospectus for such a paper. The topic for this essay is the importance of Judith Thompson in Canadian theatre history. Writer will need to deal with her career as a playwright, not just one play. Talk about how and what makes her be important in Canadian theatre history. It could be because she is a feminist playwrite or created a Canadian style play instead of imitated the British or American Broadway style etc. I will upload the 6 sources which writer has to combine with the essay. Since this is a essay about the theatre history writer also need to submit an annotated bibliography from the 6 sources. The sources are not circumscribed in this 6, writer also can go find the sources by himself. however it must be scholarly article with clear bibliography. In that 6 sources there are 3 articles are photos and the citation for 3 of those are at the bottom of the page signed with star sign. This assignment need a lot of reading, so hope you can find a suitable writer do this one. I already ordered around 10 essay from your company, and I had bad experience for 2 times that makes me failed the assignment. just strongly mention about writer need give a strong and specific thesis and always do the quotation mark if he uses some information from the……..

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Propose a temporary artwork in the manner of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Nancy Holt, or Robert Smithson
Temporary Artwork

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