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In the first learning activity tied to this objective (LA#5) you will show your close reading of the text by focusing on narrator reliability, and in the second learning activity (LA#6) you will analyze the same text by plotting it as per Frietag’s Triangle.

Learning Activity #5: Narrator Reliability in Recitatif Response

The two characters, Roberta and Twyla, offer different versions of their experiences at St. Bonny’s home.

  • Write a 300-350 word response answering the question, “Who of the two narrators is more reliable?” Use textual evidence to support your response.
  • Submit your response to your facilitator in the drop box titled Narrator Reliability in Recitatif Response.

Learning Activity #6: Plotting Recitatif Response

Frietag’s triangle provides a concise method for plotting a story.

  • Using Frietag’s Triangle, plot the rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of Recitatif.
  • Provide clear textual connections to each of the points in Frietag’s triangle.

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