Can the US Deficit and Debt problems be solved without increases in taxes

| April 29, 2014

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I will be uploading an issue on this topic. Each paper is to include up to one page on the “pro” viewpoint, up to one page on the “con” viewpoint and no more than two pages on the student’s personal viewpoint on the topic. The page on each the “pro” and the “con” viewpoints must NOT reflect the students individual opinions. These pages are meant to ensure an empathy and appreciation/understanding for each side of the topic. The student’s individual viewpoint on the topic is open for expression in the final portion (with greatest length) of each paper. The student is free to include references from the other textbooks and also from any other reference source they feel best supports their position on the topic. Any reference sources used to complete the papers need be appropriately referenced in a bibliography.
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Those dreaded initials - H I P A A ! Research the acutal federal laws regarding HIPAA
How might law enforcement officials process crime scenes without technological advancements? What is your opinion of technology’s place in crime-scene processing? What are some new technologies? Do you feel there is too much reliance on technology? Why, or why not? Provide examples


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