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| May 21, 2015


This is my common app essay im am a terrible writer. If you could research Camp Fiver or go to i would like to talk about that and how ive been a participant for 10 year and how next year will my final stage of the 10 year commitmentLeslie Espinosa Mykel Macedon Daniel Baldwin and Erinn Cruz are people who have been and helped me throughout camp as well as during the year especially with me being bipolar. here what i got so far again im a terrible writer but yeah.
Camp Fiver! A place that has shaped the person I am today. Fiver is non-profit comprehensive youth development organization that makes a 10-year commitment to children from communities throughout New York City and central New York. Camp Fiver takes place year round and in the summer month’s participants have the opportunity to head to Poolville NY for sleep away camp. As a child I was what some people called, “troubled”. I was diagnosed with the bipolar disorder at a very young age. I kept to myself, was always angry and didn’t know how to control my mood swings. Fiver helped me break out of my shell and see the value of being a Friend, Individual, Valuable Team Player, Environmentalist, and a Risk Taker, which ultimately help me control those mood swings. These values have been with me for the past ten years, since 2004. Here I have had to opportunity to make life to friends and different skills that have helped me outside of camp.


These skills include public speaking, a proper handshake and interview skills. Fiver has been with me and has been a second home for me through the friendship made to classes took they have made me the person I am today



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