Call of Duty 4 Game Analysis

| February 15, 2014

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Chose a GAME and try to explain it in details,
please follow the attached files and do as it’s mentioned.
In the file “Term paper assessment” there is a criteria, I want to have excellent in all of them.
you will find another attached file which is “Term paper outline”
please follow this outline and make sure you cover everything.
x) Cover page
xx) Title
xxx) Table of content
1) Introduction
Introduce your game and highlight the most significant characteristics of your game. Explain in general the applied skills while playing your game.
2) Explain and describe in details which materials / apparatuses / devices are needed to play your game.
3) Describe the major rules of your game. Please mention all rules that are needed to play the game properly.
4) Please state clearly the objectives of your game.
5) Please show the Psycho-Socio-Physiological effects for kids in comparison to adults and elderly people.
6) Please discuss your term paper game and compare it to some other games.
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Program Administration Project
A preliminary analysis of a South Florida urban research site.


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