C600 block grade. Course of Action Statement and Sketch

| November 30, 2015

•COA Statement and Sketch
This assignment also uses the Cabanatuan case study described in Leavenworth Papers #11 by Dr. Michael J King. For this assignment, you will complete two parts: (1) the statement and (2) the sketch. Your statement must include a mission statement, commander’s intent, decisive operation, shaping operations, and a description of fires, intelligence, sustaining operations, and risk. Your sketch must depict each squadron, unit boundaries, control measures, and the command post, observation posts, and aid station.
Note: The COA S&S is due after you have submitted the MDMP Exam and have received faculty feedback. The faculty feedback from the Exam will better prepare you for the COA S&S. The COA S&S is worth 20% of the C600 block grade. This is a very difficult paper. Please assign this paper to a writer who can complete this paper according to the instructions.

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4 references. The history before State Confucianism
1 or 1.5 double-spaced page, A film Critique

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