c4a1 Word 2013 help needed cover letter fast assignment

| November 17, 2015

Open cover letter doc and then save the doc as Wl1-c4-a1-coverletter.

Change the left and right margains to 1.25 iches.

Move the insertion pt to the beginning of the headings writing cover letters to people you know and then insert a blank page.

Insert a page break at the beginning of the heading writing cover letters to people you don’t know.

Move the insertion pt to the beginning ofthe doc and then insert the Filigree cover page.

Type job search strategies in teh (document title) placeholder.

Type Writing a Cover Letter in the (document subtitle) placeholder.

Type February 3,2015 in the (date) placeholder

Type career finders in the (company name placeholder)

Delete the company address placeholder.

Move the insertion pt to any character in the title WRITING A COVER LETTER and then insert the brackets 1 page numbering at the bottom of the page. The numbering will not appear on the cover page.

Make the doc active, tunr on the display of nonprinting characters,move the insertion pt to the blank line above the page break below the first paragraph of text in the doc, and then press the delete key six times. This deletes the page break on the first page and the page break creating a blank page 2 as well as extra hard turns. Turn off the display of nonprinting characters.




Cover letters are an essential component of your job search. During your search and transition, you will write many different letters or e-mails to “cover” your resume. In essence, cover letters tell your readers why you are contacting them. Often they are your very first opportunity to make an impression on a hiring decision-maker. They offer you the golden opportunity to link your unique set of skills, experiences, talents, and interests with a particular company or job opportunity. They are your formal introduction to people who can be extremely influential in your job search, and they prepare your reader for all of the details, experiences, and accomplishments you have highlighted in your resume.

Writing Cover Letters to People You Know

Writing a cover letter to a person you know is always best. Any written correspondence—no matter how powerful—is less effective than personal contact, so the ideal circumstance is to send a resume and cover letter after having spoken with the person directly. For example, first calling someone who has advertised in the paper is far more effective than simply sending a letter and resume.

The Four Types of Cover Letters to People You Know

You will have one of four basic situations when sending cover letters to people you know. Each situation requires a different approach. The situations are presented below, along with an explanation.

  • An interview is scheduled, and a specific job opening may interest you. In this case, you have already arranged an interview for a job opening that interests you, and the cover letter should provide details of your experience that relate to the specific job.
  • An interview is scheduled, but no specific job is available. This is a letter you will send for an exploratory interview with an employer who does not have a specific opening for you now but who might in the future. This is fertile ground for finding job leads where no one else may be looking.
  • An interview has already taken place. Many people overlook the importance of sending a letter after an interview. This is a time to say that you want the job (if that is the case, your letter should say so) and to add any details on why you think you can do the job well.
  • No interview is scheduled—yet. Situations arise where you just can’t arrange an interview before you send a resume and cover letter. For example, you may be trying to see a person, but that person is on vacation. In these cases, sending a good cover letter and resume will make any later contacts more effective.

Writing Cover Letters to People You Don’t Know

If contacting a prospective employer by telephone or some other method is not practical, sending a resume and cover letter is acceptable. This approach makes sense in some situations, such as if you are moving to a distant location or responding to a blind advertisement offering only a post office box number. In other instances, you might have tried but cannot connect with the person you are writing. Because your time and other resources are limited, spending hours pursuing contact information for a newspaper ad doesn’t make sense.  Neither do you want to ignore these opportunities. We recommend that you make one or two telephone calls to try to make a connection and customize your letter. But if you are unsuccessful, responding with a generic letter is better than not responding at all. To make these letters as effective as possible, try to find something you have in common with the person or company you are contacting.

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