Business/Political Trends in China and Japan

| April 21, 2014

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Question for Japan:
Japan is a prominent success story in the modern era, except for the past twenty years. In spite of its many strong multinationals, the country has languished with low domestic growth. Try to detail the causes of Japan’s stagnation (Weak corporate governance? Weak banking sector? Consumer savings glut? Shift in work habits, especially across generations? Deflationary tendencies? Other?) and rank them in importance. Then discuss how/whether the policies of the current government (Abenomics) are designed to address them. Cite your essay well.
Question for China:
Over the past ten years, China has become central in the global economy. Describe the reasons for China’s increased economic strength (privatization? state control? home market size? low labor cost? engineering talent? entrepreneurial talent? rich Chinese diaspora? other?) and predict the future trend for each based on available information on the country at the end of 2013. Then identify at least four factors that are potential inhibitors of the country’s growth (e.g., pollution? government corruption? demographics? bank debt? nationalism?) and discuss how China is addressing them.
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