Business Valuation Group Project Report

| October 19, 2015

Groups will undertake this project for an Australian listed company, chosen by the group from a list of companies.[Our chosen company is Chesapeake Energy Corporation] To initially commence the project, you need to obtain the information on the chosen company.[Our chosen company is Chesapeake Energy Corporation] The report for this project will be prepared using economic, business strategy and industry analysis, corporate governance analysis, accrual quality, accounting analysis, financial analysis, forecasting, risk analysis followed by valuation of the company’s shares. The group will prepare a report that presents a case for the acquisition of substantial number of shares in the project company.
It is suggested that the number of words/ sentences for each section/subsection are proportionate to the marks allocated. No appendix is allowed in the report. All tables and illustrations must be included in the main report. Tables, illustrations and charts are not included in the word count (unless very wordy). Reference list is required and is not counted towards the word limit.
*THE PARTS I AM IN CHARGE OF ARE [Section E: Accounting Analysis]&[Section H: Risk analysis]&[Conclusion] 3 PARTS*I will provide detailed GUIDELINE documents later.[JUST REFER TO THESE 3 PARTS IN THE GUIDELINE.]
Please note that, just need to finish these 3 parts. [Section E: Accounting Analysis]&[Section H: Risk analysis]&[Conclusion]
And our chosen company is Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
Also, please refer to the suggested approximate word count in the guideline; As for the “CONCLUSION” part, I think maybe around 200 words?
As it is a group assignment, I shall wait for my other group members’ outcomes, so you can just leave the [table of contents] blank.
I will provide a SAMPLE of this assignment later as well.[PLEASE READ PAGE 1~PAGE 14(Accounting Analysis) & PAGE 32~37 (Risk analysis) & The conclusion part.]
We have done the very first 4 parts of this big report, and the lecturer has already marked for us. I will upload our first assignment as well, probably it will offer some help to this assignment. Please have a look at it and also the lecturer’s feedback (which are highlighted in yellow) and detailed marks for each part.

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