(Business to Consumer) case study E-Business.

| February 15, 2014

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Order Details
Rational for the decision on organisation
Adequate definition of the e-business application
Set of criteria presented for selecting this application for the assignment
Explanation of the criteria
Justification for criteria choice
Classification of E-Business case study, based on the following: –
• e-business type
• objects traded in the application,
• time scope(s) of the scenario
Consideration of other relevant characteristics of the application
A logical discussion.
Analysis is based on the four BOAT perspectives:-
• Business Models
• Business Organization
• Business Architecture
• Business Technology
Some aspects more heavily discussed than others
Recommendations have been made for improvement of the application or clear explanation of why the E-Business has a competitive advantage in its sector.
Recommendations or explanation are related to the analysis in section above
This application should be selected because of characteristics that make it stand out in its field (e.g. because of its business model, its market position, its underlying organisation, or its architectural/technical implementation).
This assessment addresses the following module learning outcomes (LOs): –
2. Critically analyse and interpret the role of web based Business Information Systems in Industry.
3. Evaluate the significance of different web based IT technologies applied to e-Business examples.
4. Evaluate the application of theories to real life e-Business examples.
The deliverable of the assignment is an analysis report – details are described below.
Report contents
The report should contain an analysis of the eBay.
The analysis must be based on the following: –
• inspection of eBay (site)
• active use of the site (if possible)
• reading of background material.
The assessment will be graded according to the following criteria:-
1. The analysis must contain a clear and brief description of eBay, a short analysis of its position in its field (market segment), and an explicit explanation of the criteria used for selecting this application for the assignment. (LO 2)
2. The analysis must classify the application in terms of E-Business type, objects traded in the application, and time scope(s) of the scenario (LO 3)
3. The analysis should explicitly cover the four BOAT perspectives of electronic business, as outlined in the course material:-
a. Business Models
b. Business Organization
c. Business Architecture
d. Business Technology
(LO 4)
4. The report must also contain suggestions, based on your analysis, of possible improvements to the application or, if this is not possible, why its particular implementation gives it a competitive advantage. (LO 2)
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