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| January 2, 2016

A company’s strategic issue and its recommendation

The goal of this project is to provide you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills to an interesting, strategic situation currently being faced by a real-life company. Your team’s task is to identify one or more key strategic issues which the company is facing, and to research its current situation. Your team will prepare and present strategic recommendations for the company. The products of this research will be twofold: (1) The one page proposal should contain the name of your project group members, the name of the firm you wish to study, a description of the current situation this firm is facing, as well as your intended contribution(s) by way of recommendation(s) (as though to be sent to the firm) in line with some aspect(s) of the strategic management process.; (2) An 8 page company report (double-spaced, excluding any appendices). Your task is to carry out as much research as possible to obtain primary or secondary data (or both), using means such as personal interviews, accessible data, newspaper articles, academic journals, internet, etc. Your goal should be to ground your work on credible, significant, and substantial information on the company. It is also very important that you avoid plagiarism. Cite appropriately; use quotation marks and give credit to the author(s) if you are using any quotes from previous work. Your report should reflect a thorough understanding of strategic management principles we will cover in this course, and should present insightful analyses and well-grounded recommendations for the company.
You may consider focusing your research on your current, or prospective employer, or other companies in an industry where you are interested in working, and present the idea to your teammates. Each group project must be based on only one company.

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Business studies homework help

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