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| December 28, 2015

Assignment/coursework general submission requirements
Written work
• Your student identification number must be clearly stated at the top of each page of your work.

• Each page must be numbered.

• Where appropriate, a contents page, a list of tables/figures and a list of abbreviations should precede your work.

• All referencing must adhere to School/Institutional requirements.

• A word count must be stated at the end of your work.

• Your course, year of study and the relevant module must be included as a “footer” on each page.

• Appendices should be kept to the minimum and be of direct relevance to the content of your work.

• All tables and figures must be correctly numbered and labelled.

• If there is calculation involved, you are required to provide workings. Otherwise, no credit will be awarded.

Module: BAC5014 Investment markets and principles Level 2 – Coursework (Foreign investment decisions)

Word limit: 3,000 words

Inspect the Repot and Accounts for Walt Disney Co. to examine its international profile of activities over the past years and answer the following questions:

1) How has the company’s foreign investment strategies changed over the years? And what factors caused the changes?
(40 marks)
2) Motives for FDI (foreign direct investment) have been well established academically (e.g. Blonigen, 2005, and Doukas and Lang, 2003). Based on the literature, please examine the benefits of the opening of Disney Paris.
(40 marks)
3) ‘Once an MNC establishes a subsidiary, FDI remains an ongoing decision’. Linking to the case of Disney Paris, explain and evaluate the statement.
(20 marks)

(100 marks in total)


Blonigen, B.A. (2005), A Review of the Empirical Literature on FDI Determinants, Atlantic Economic Journal, 3, 383-403.
Board of Directors. (n.d.). In The Walt Disney Company and Affiliated Companies. Retrieved from
Doukas, J.A. and L.H.P. Lang (2003), Foreign Direct Investment, Diversification and Firm Performance, Jounal of International Business Studies, 34(2), 153-72.
Drew, Abbie. (2006). Starting a Business. 5 Secrets to Walt Disney World’s Success. Retrieved from

• Only printed copy is to be submitted through I-ZONE by due day.
Assessment Criteria
Standard assessment regulations apply. You must reference your work as required by Cardiff Metropolitan University regulations.

This is assessment One and contributes 50% of the overall module assessment.

Learning Outcomes. On successful completion of this assessment, the student will:
• Demonstrate an awareness of economic issues and their impact on foreign investment;
• Understand the risks and benefits of foreign investment;
• Critically evaluate the main principles governing how to construct an international investment portfolio.

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