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| February 25, 2019

Write a persuasive essay of approximately 1,000 words (plus or minus 10%) about the organization theory topic which you identified in the leadership survey as most important and interesting for you (question #19 in the survey reproduced below).   You are encouraged to build upon the idea(s) that you used in your email letter to your partner. Ideas from your own work experience and support from scholarly articles are required.

19. As a nascent (developing) management theorist, which concept below is most interesting and important to you for more in-depth investigation?

Organizational Culture

Organizational Structure

Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency

Organizational Technology & Change Management

Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility

The External Environment and Strategy Formulation

Cultural Differences and Global Leadership

Systems Thinking for Managing the Successful Organization

This assignment will represent your interest in the (well-described) topic and your Point of View (PoV) about it informed by relevant information on the topic from course reading and relevant scholarly literature found in the UMUC online library. You will have to develop a clear and concise thesis about the importance of your topic and use APA format.

Please make sure to include:

1) An introduction that presents your thesis statement. Why is the theory topic important to you?  Please include information about: a) you, b) your career, c) organizations that you know, d) organizational theorists and what they have to say about it.  Back up (support) anything you write about the topic by citing published work and including your own relevant work experience.

2) Provide solid description of the theoretical concept (hint: This is where you cite the experts). Definitions and descriptions from respected sources are really important. Explain any special features or functions in the way that the theory has developed or is used.

3) Present alternative points of view of your theory topic.  This could mean that there is not unanimity among theorists (ok – that is likely a given ;-), but more importantly, it means that you need to consider the topic within the context of the other theoretical topics that may be just as important (or perhaps more important). Is the importance tied to a type of organization or industry? Does it cut across every single organization or is it particular to certain organizations? Surround your theoretical concept with some context. Make it as interesting as possible (but don’t make it up 😉

4) Present your conclusion and sum up your overall thoughts and findings (restate/reframe your basic premise).  

Please do not hesitate to ask ANY questions.  Your success with this assignment is important as it forms the foundation for your research report.

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