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| January 30, 2017

Corporation A plans to issue stock rights to its common shareholders. Shareholders will receive one stock right for each share of stock owned, and each stock right will entitle the holder to purchase one share of common stock from Corporation A at a price equal to 110% of the expected fair market value on the date the stock rights will be issued. The stock rights may be exercised at any time beginning on the first anniversary of the date of issuance through the fifth anniversary date, when they expire. Stock rights are freely transferable. The issuance of the stock rights will not be taxable, and it is expected that the fair market value of each stock right will be approximately 25% of the value of a share of common stock on the date of issuance. If a shareholder holds a stock right past the expiration date, so that it becomes worthless, does the shareholder recognize a loss? If a shareholder sells a stock right, what is the formula for computing his or her basis in the stock right for purposes of determining gain or loss on the sale? If a shareholder exercises a stock right, what is the formula for computing his or her basis in the share of common stock acquired? Please answer each question in complete sentences, and cite the name and number of the IRS publication where you found each answer, and the page number on which the answer is found. Use your own words in the answer do not simply copy the IRS publication. Spelling and grammar count. This assignment is worth 4 points.


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