Business Statistic (in Excel)

| November 13, 2015

Business Statistic

Computer case assignment


My team is (Nuggets Team)



8:30 PM ET – AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX

Please check this website to see the score




You are being assigned a specific San Antonio Spurs game to analyze.  Your data set is the “Box Score” for the                                              game.


For your game, I want you to analyze the following four variables for EACH team:


TOT – Number of Total Rebounds per Player

AST – Number of Assists per Player

TO – Number of Turnovers per Player

PTS – Number of Points per Player


Your analysis will have three parts:


Part 1 – Using an Excel spreadsheet, determine the “Descriptive Statistics” for

 each variable.


Part 2 – Then you will need to determine the “Coefficient of Variation” for each



Part 3 – Then you will use the Pearson function in Excel to determine the

“Pearson’s Correlation” between PTS (dependent variable) and the

other 3 variables TOT, AST, and TO (independent).


Part 4 – Then you will need to write a two page “Letter to Coach POP”

explaining the final score and ultimate outcome (win or lose) of the game.



The information to be turned in is as follows:


1)   Cover Page

2)   Managerial Report

3)   Printed “Box Score”

4)   Printouts of all work done in Excel


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