Business Skills for Proposals and Pitches

| May 20, 2015

Business Skills for Proposals and Pitches

Assume you have an idea which is about operating a housekeeping agency in London.

2.How would you pass the learning on to future generations of business executives and IT professionals by conducting a retrospective of IT projects?

LO 1

Understand ways of researching and analysing a market
1.1    conduct market research through the use of appropriate online resources     1
1.2    evaluate current trends in a market    1
1.3    analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a potential product/service    1
LO 2
Be able to apply analytical tools when assessing the feasibility of a business proposal    2.1    analyse the macro-environment through the use of a PESTEL analysis    1
2.2    select a target market for a specific business proposal through the process of market segmentation    1
2.3    analyse the micro-environment for this  proposal through the use of the Porter’s Five Forces    1
2.4    select a robust business proposal based on research and analysis    2
LO 3
Be able to participate in formal business meetings    3.1    document a formal business meeting effectively, including pre and post meeting communications    2
3.2    participate effectively in a business meeting    2
3.3    present a business proposal at a meeting    2
3.4    critically evaluate meeting outcomes    3
LO 4
Be able to participate in a group business pitch using verbal and visual methods    4.1    demonstrate effective team working and time management skills in preparation for the pitch    2
4.2    communicate effectively in a formal presentation, both verbally and visually    2
4.3    use language of persuasion effectively    2
4.4    evaluate the success of the pitch in meeting the business objectives    3

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