Business Research Report Proposal

| March 26, 2015

Business Research Report Proposal


Business Research Report Proposal:

2500 words worth

Reference: Howard referencing

The FINAL research proposal will consist of the following NINE (9) items

1. A business research topic. – Nepalese Tea
Strengthen and improve initial proposal.

2. A brief literature review of the research topic
Produce 2 to 3 pages on background information on your research topic.
(For e.g. write introduction about topic. why it is important? why you are interested to do this particular topic? what are the objectives?

3. Research questions for the identified problem or opportunity
Strengthen and improve initial proposal

4. Appropriate research methodologies and techniques to use for the research project

Methodologies include which method? (for E.g. Quantitative, Qualitative or any other basic research method or applied research)
Strengthen and improve initial proposal

5. A project plan using a Gantt Chart and clearly defined milestones (if in a group with clearly defined individual tasks, contributions and milestones)
Use Microsoft Project or other software to produce the Gantt Chart.
Your milestones for HI6008 are:
Week 6: Literature Review due.
Week 10: Data Collection and Analysis Report due.
Week 14: Final Business Research (Capstone) Thesis due.

6. Description of the research process (literature review of topic, collect data and statistical analysis of topic, make recommendation and suggestion)

There are few steps to follow on this part

– Litreture review

– Interview (survey)

– Ask People

– Analyse

– Data collection

– And thesis
Strengthen and improve initial proposal

7. Description of data collection and analysis methods (how do you choose people for survey? Sampling plan or any others)

Survey on according to the Australian market

8. Strengthen and improve initial proposal ( For e.g. survey, focus group, interviews and analysis of data)

9. Description of expected research outcomes- ethics
Strengthen and improve initial proposal

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