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| May 20, 2015


Prepare a 20 minutes PPT presentation and one formal business report.
we will provide the business report. Can you please convert the report to ppt?
1) An outline of the business product / service & context
b) Background on company (history, profitability, market leader/follower, growth) & product/service, USP)
c) Outline the current business climate in which the company operates
2) An analysis of why the business is going international/is international
d) Factors which triggered international expansion if already international
e) Factors triggering international expansion, if not already international
f) The risks involved both internal and external to the company
3) An analysis of the marketing and corporate strategies that the business could use
a. Growth strategies
b. Entry Market Strategies (indirect exporting , direct exporting, cooperative, direct investment)
c. Standardisation or adaptation
d. Centralisation versus Decentralisation strategy
4) Details of the marketing decisions that need to be made for an effective marketing mix
a. International marketing mix decisions based on 4Ps or 7Ps (e.g product, price, place, promotion strategy).
Any other information you consider to be of interest relevant to answering the task at hand.

we have completed our report base on these topic above. Can you please fit those topic into the PPT please?
And also we will upload the mark scheme.

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