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| February 12, 2014

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Your Proposal work was well received and the team leader has asked you to continue working on the project. The product of a courseware development business is information organized and delivered electronically over the Internet. The company will need instructional designers, writers, graphic artists, programmers, editors, quality assurance personnel and multimedia producers. The number of these talented professionals needed depends on the number and size of the projects. Your team lead assigns you the part of the proposal that has to do with the internal environment this new business wishes to create and the external environment in which it will operate. In your discussion of the internal environment, describe the kind of employee this company needs. You already know the job descriptions; you must concentrate on the type of person that the company needs to fill those jobs. (How much experience is required? Do you need someone that’s willing to put his or her point of view out there and say, ‘Look, you can do what you want, but this is where I am on this issue’?) Since the company will create its product in the physical world but deliver it in the virtual world, you have to discuss the external environment of this type of business, touching on the borderless nature of the Internet and the possibility of doing business internationally. Again, this section of the Proposal should be an OUTLINE and contain Web site references so the client can see examples of your points.
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