Business Process Redesign Critique #3

| March 22, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Please provide at least 1 sources/references in APA style. Please don’t use the any of the presenter References. Use another source to backup and provide evidence for your critique.

Please see attachments for the Paper Requirements.

Business Process Redesign Critique


Given the following PowerPoint.  Please provide a critique, analysis, and comments on it.

  1. Did this person explain the Business Process clearly and how to redesign it?
  2. Is the new design an improvement?
  3. Is the new design doable and cost is relatively reasonable?
  4. What did you learn from the presentation?


Remember to be mindful of the person’s work and be nice in your comments.  State what you like and what you learned first before giving what need to improve.  Provide a constructive analytical criticism of the presentation.


Note: Remember to provide clear evidence how to improve this Business Process another way.  As such, you need to do research on this topic (read their references).  Critique on the content and if the presenter answered the above questions in the presentation.


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