Business Policy and Strategy

| April 16, 2015

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Business Policy and Strategy


The following are the FORMAT that your Capstone Project should focus:


Executive Summary (This comes in the final document)

  1. Type of Industry and Proposed Company
  2. Market Readiness
  3. Products or Services Your Business will offer
  4. Financial Plan (How will your business make profit)
  5. Marketing (How will people know about your business)
  6. Leadership and Management (Officers, roles and functions/Staffing)
  7. Departmental Structure (What are the business key departments/functions)
  8. Operations Plan (What is your strategy – how will you conduct business/what resources)
  9. Sustainability and Community/Global Impact (Ethics and Social Responsibility)
  10. Overall Schedule (Business Hours of operation, schedule of services)
  11. Risks and Potential Obstacles – Optional
  12. Partnerships – Optional
  13. Growth Trajectories and Exit Strategies – Optional



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