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Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

We are looking for a nicely presented , well structured Business Plan which includes the following element :

Executive Summary (One Page)- your team works on this

  1. Name your Business : = Unique name

check with : Google search , Yellow pages online , telephone directory online and companies house for ltd companies.

b . what is your business idea ? = innovation ?

  1. what business are you in ?
  2. define the type of business = Start Up ?
  3. describe the product or service . = what ?

f . How will you be trading( legal format )? = How ?

Sole trader, Partnership or LLP , Ltd company , Cooperative

  1. where will you be trading ? = where ?

Address , location

h . Reasons (motivations) for starting your business . = why ?

  1. Planned start date. = when ?

j . The top team – people involved = who ?


I keep six honest serving men ( they taught me all i knew)

Their name are what and why and when and how and where and who . ( Rudyard kipling 1965-1936

  1. Marketing Director

Three Key Parts :

1 . market Research & analysis

Product or service -description

what is your usp = unique selling proposition-your innovation ?

who is your customer ?

what is the appeal to customers ?

Terget market trends , facts & figures

secondary research, primary research , facts & figures

customer groups

Customer wants / needs/ expectations

Benefits offered by your business to target customers


why is your business special ? Innovation

how is your business different from your competitors ? innovation

competitor analysis

Identify competitors

Yellow pages

Local press

Google search

Ss & Ws of major competitors

How can you exploit the WS of your competitors ?

what is your competitive advantage?

  1. Marketing plan

4Ps / 7Ps

Product – Innovation

price-pricing policy ( avoid lowest price !!)

Promotion – budget figures go into the cash-flow spreadsheet as incomes so work very closely with the finance director

Place – channels , physical and online

Other Ps ? E.g. profit margin

  1. Sales Forecasts

Your figures go into the cash-flow spreadsheet as incomes so work very closely with the finance director .

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