Business Plan for Construction Management

| June 29, 2015

The business plan’s table of contents does not have to perfectly match the order provided on the following page.

Effectively craft your business plan in detail, and give great thought to each section. Present the business plan in paragraph format and check for spelling and grammatical errors. See the rubric on the following page for specific grading details.  No Plagiarism!

Organizational Chart & Employee Roles and Job Descriptions Section: This is the most important section of the business plan.  The Organizational Chart and Employee Roles must account for all 7 functional areas:

o Business Management

o Estimating

o Project Management

o Construction

o Engineering

o Equipment Management

o Accounting


  1. Table of Contents
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Summary of Major Business Plan Components

III. Company Overview

  1. General Description of the Business
  2. Business Location
  3. Company History
  4. Missions, Goals, and Objectives
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Goals and Objectives
  7. Values
  8. Keys to Success
  9. Organization
  10. Management Summary and Strategy
  11. Services Offered
  12. Organizational Chart
  13. Employee Roles and Job Descriptions
  14. Market Conditions
  15. Background Industry Information
  16. Region Specific Background Industry Information
  17. Regional Competition
  18. Current and Future Trends

VII. The Financial Plan

  1. Startup Funding Description
  2. Accounting Practices
  3. Current Balance Sheet
  4. Break-even Analysis
  5. Projected Monthly Income Statement (One Year)

VIII. The Marketing Plan

  1. Marketing Strategies
  2. Promotional Strategies
  3. Public Relations

iii. Advertising

  1. The Safety Plan
  1. Assumptions (if necessary)

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