Business Plan for Clip Cup Holder

| February 25, 2014

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For this assignment you are required to process a business pan of clip cup holder. This should abe written in 10th edition APA guidelines. The business plan must be hedged on the following points:
1)introduction and production
.Executive Summary
.Introduction and Background, and Product/Service description
2)market research
.Typical customer profile: Age, location, buying power, purchase rate
.Quantified number of customers: (based on research, assumptions)
.Primary research: Questionnaire( This should be within the community that I reside in Dallas and around Campus)
.Market research: Competitors
.Word Processing and presentation
1. Financial Overview, description in words/Introduction
2. Funding request proposal, Initial Investment Needed
3. Profit and loss, for year 1
4. Cash flow and Overheads for year 1
? Sales forecast
? Costs and overheads
? Equipment and depreciation
5. Assumptions
6.Word Processing and presentation
This is 30 pages assignment and it should be free from plagiarism and grammatical errors. Am an international student so no fancy words.
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