Business plan ( eat Glenelg : southaustralia :Adelaide)

| October 26, 2015

Business name: Eat Glenelg : food tour business (Eat Glenelg will be established as a sole trader business and will operate from a small, home-based office in the early stages of its operation)
The Business target is on tourist and local people live outside South Australia and they interesting to food tour.
Eat Glenelg strives to provide you with a cultural tour of modern Glenelg whilst promoting the local deliciousness our thriving, beachside town is abundant with. Our guides all live local and pride themselves in their enthusiastic and knowledgeable approach to our tours.
Eat Glenelg is a ‘food tour business’ providing guests with an exciting, cultural walking-based tour around Glenelg, within the City of Holdfast Bay. The tour will visit a variety of food retailers, with samples, within the Glenelg Jetty Road precinct, with additional activities along the tour. The tour will cost $49 per guest to begin with, which includes a three-and-a-half hour guided tour including food, beverages and additional factors such as museum entry and coupons for future visits to the destinations visited along the tour. The tour operates 7 days a week from spring to Summer, beginning at 11am, and concluding at approximately 2.30pm each day. Autumn through Winter the tour will operate three days a week, with hours extended during peak periods such as school holidays.
Guests of all ages are welcome on the tour, any guests under the age of eighteen must travel with an adult.
15 people as max per tour / 7 day a weeks / Cost $49 per head (summer)
15×49=$735 per day
No hiring the guide tour. I will be the guild as the first start of the business.
Investment: Marketing / Brochure
To start the business: Advertising by making the broachers
Handing in the Boucher at the travel place, guide pages, promotion discount.
11am- 2.30 pm
Facebook page as the promotion and Boucher
Focus on the tourist, oversea people, and demonical different part from out side Adelaide.
During summer time, most of local people choose to go to the beach as to get tan, chilling, and swimming.
Our tour not just we recommence the food, telling the history, activity people doing while they visiting glenelg.
As the business will be established under the business structure ‘sole trader’, the management team will be small to begin with.
Find out how much guides need to be paid per hour, which industry it’s in, different types of hierarchy.
Executive Summary: Brief summary of key issues
Company: Description of your company
– Mission statement
– Vision statement
– Product or service: What it is and how it is different from the competition (The “ unique selling point)
Market analysis : SWOT,
– Profile of the target market based on market research
– Competitors
– Market shared
Management Team:
– Who is involved in the start-up and what will they be doing?
– What experience and expertise do they bring?
– Which management roles will need to be filled as the business grows?
– Business Competencies? (You will find an example at end of this ppt).
Marketing: How you plan to market the product or service.
– Financial Projections: Summary of the cash flow and trading forecasts. This section should highlight the key assumptions that have

been made and also outline the main risks and opportunities in the forecasts (i.e. what might go wrong, or where things might prove

better than forecast).
– Sources of finance: Figures from the cash flow forecast are taken and used to highlight what funding the business needs, and when.
– Returns on investment: Another key area for any investor. This is a description of how the entrepreneur expects investors to get a

return on their investment. Who might eventually buy the business, when, and for how much?
References: Haward style

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