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| May 19, 2015

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Your team has completed all its research, and a massive amount of information has been assembled. Although your team has a great innovative product idea, you lack the

necessary funding to launch your company, whether you planned to market it just in the United States or internationally as well.

Therefore, you plan to create a business plan for your new venture, which you will then take to a variety of potential funding sources (bank loans, investors, etc.) to request

funds. You learned in many of your business courses that the quality and presentation of your business plan is key to getting funding from outside sources.

Your business plan will follow the standard format, but as you plan to be launching your company and marketing not only in the United States but in England or Germany as

well, you know that some added information/sections will be required.

You plan to have the following sections and subsections in your completed plan.

Given the different area of expertise of your various team members, you will split up the task among the team.

  1. Executive Summary (1–2 pages)
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Identifying the need
  4. 3-year financial highlights
  5. Funding needed
  6. Overall start-up timeline
  7. Marketing Plan(4–5 pages]
  8. Identifying the need
  9. Merits of the patented idea
  10. Target market in both markets (the United States and Germany or England)
  11. Expected unit volume in each market (including justification for your estimates)
  12. 4 Ps in both markets (including the justification for your chosen price point)
  13. SWOT analysis of your company with its new product versus existing kitchen appliance manufacturers
  14. Why marketing the product in Germany or England as well as the United States (versus just marketing it in the United States) is worth the extra effort and resources
  15. Which country (other than the United States) you plan to market your product in—Germany or England—and why

III. Operations Plan (2–3 pages)

  1. Where manufacturing will take place to address both the U.S. and foreign markets and why you choose that location(s)
  2. Self-manufacturing versus potential outsourcing decisions and reasoning
  3. Distribution methods (which will likely differ among the 2 markets)
  4. Financial Plan (2–3 pages plus 3 years of income statements)
  5. Targeted price, costs, and volume information
  6. Break-even point in units
  7. 3 years of annual pro forma income statements
  8. Key assumptions upon which the whole plans financial success is based (such as year-to-year growth rate assumptions)
  9. HR Plan (2–3 pages)
  10. Different employment law issues that must be followed in each country
  11. A list of policies that will be the same across the 2 divisions (U.S. and Germany or England)
  12. A list of policies that will be unique to each country (holidays, pay scale philosophy, and likely benefit programs)



. Entrepreneurs typically seek funding from banks, private investors, or from

launching an IPO. When meeting with individuals or groups like this, the effectiveness of the verbal and visual presentation is a very important issue when trying to get

funding. Therefore, the PowerPoint must be professionally prepared.

To receive full credit on this PowerPoint, you must use the following guidelines:

As many graphics as possible must be used (including clip art, charts, graphs, photos, etc.).

This implies that no slide should be covered with text.

Slides must have a colored background.

The speaker notes feature must be used for each slide, and this is where significant text can be added.

The slides do not need to follow the format, sequence, or topic list of the business plan sections created. Instead, the PowerPoint must capture

the attention and interest of the group being addressed. Think about the hot buttons or points of greatest concern that investors or bankers may have as you craft your

slides and speaker notes.

Remember that your audience is potential investors or funding sources.

You are required to use APA format


First Portion (100 points):

60% Chosen part of plan includes all necessary sections and sub-

sections; includes accurate information

40% Evidence of research, use of APA style, accurate use of course

vocabulary and concepts

Presentation  (100 points):

40% Overall presentation, appropriate length, thorough use of

presenter notes and graphics

20% Follows Business Plan sections organization

40% Appropriate for investor audience; captures audience attention

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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