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| March 13, 2014

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The main purpose of this essay is to develop a small business plan. I would like you to prepare a business plan of “opening one Restaurant”. The restaurant should be located in London (UK) specializing in Asian Food. it will provide delivery services. will have a web page, so the costumers can make the order online. I will upload the structure of the Business Plan you should follow. And I small example of one Business Plan.
-PLEASE Name the restaurant
-Where the money is coming from ( I suggest a small loan, payback period in 3 years time ) Please make sure you provide evidence of where the loan is coming from
-The business may grown 80%
-Justify why opening one restaurant is a good idea
-When the business is going to open ( Summer because is a good time )
–Use appendices for statistics
Identify the problems and build the strategy go manage it ( with the economic crises may people don’t spend much money in costly food, etc)
-Use diagrams
– Improve your skills, one of us may go in some kind of training ( for e.g. costumers relations skills, communication skills, etc )
– Research information about British people ( use diagrams )
-How you going to keep people loyal. What kind of people you’ll go after.
Because the limit word is 3000 words, please use appendices for Financial projections, etc.
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