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| November 18, 2015

Hey everyone,

Your final business plans are due Wednesday, December 2nd along with a 12 minute presentation. However, if you would like to present early (Wednesday, 11/18) you will earn extra credit! Please email me if you would like to present next week.

Your presentation should consist of the following: describing your proposed project, highlighting key issues, sharing insights from data collection and analysis, and summarizing any recommendations or conclusions that will be offered to the project partner. 

As far as your business plan goes, the requirements are in your syllabus, but the main points you should cover include the following:

-Detailed financial projection

-Combination of narrative sections withh exhibits, tables, calculations, charts, or graphs (It is important to have some sort of visual that displays your data)

-Well-documented indicating the sources you used to find your information

-The application of skills and ideas from diverse disciplines and tying-in learning from the course where it is appropriate

Technical details:

-The plan should be 10 pages with 1 inch margins, 12-point font not including external tables, charts, and figures added to the report (the external visuals of your data should be submitted as a separate Microsoft Word document)

Also, you will complete a one page narrative about yourself in addition to your business plan (A more detailed explanation of this is under “Syllabus and Info”)


Overall, your plan should be a more in-depth and more detailed version of your business proposal outline, with the addition of new information.The business plan is meant for you to support your ideas with research and data and put it in the format of a report that you might present to a bank or potential investor.

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