Business Math Unit 5

| October 26, 2015

Consumer Credit
1. Critique the use of bank debit cards. Bank debit cards are becoming a popular alternative to using checks or credit cards. Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of using a bank debit card and answer the questions below.
Here are some ideas to consider in your investigation:
convenience to account holders
“float” time
record of transactions
financial privacy/safety
card loss/theft liability
checkbook balancing
vendor acceptance
usage fees by banks
usage fees by vendors
ease of administration by banks
ease of administration by vendors
Where did you get your information?
Was it the most reliable resource? Why or why not?
How could you have improved the reliability of your resource?
How has technology, such as online banking, affected these aspects? Discuss any pros and cons about the affects of technology on the aspects of reliability.
2. Your textbook defines an installment loan as a “loan with regular payments” (Cleaves, Hobbs, & Noble, 2014, page 428). Search the internet to find an article or application of a type of installment loan that you find interesting, that you encounter on a daily basis or that you find in your profession. Present this article or application to the class and explain why you chose the example. Find the amount financed, the installment price, and the finance charge of the installment loan. Include the URL for the site you used. Do not copy the text in the site verbatim. You should summarize your findings.

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