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| December 21, 2015

Chinese Negotiation Strategies

To support your growth as a “community of scholars,” this team-based case study application will depend on your ability to collaborate with others. During Week 1, each student will be assigned to a three- to six-person project group. (Groups can be accessed in the Groups area of the classroom).

Suppose you have been selected to represent your organization in the negotiation of a business transaction in China. Before leaving for China, you prepare yourself by learning the most widely used and accepted negotiation styles and strategies in China. You read newspaper articles and research studies on negotiation strategies. In addition, you analyze the cultural issues in China that might alter your negotiation style and affect your success or failure during the negotiation process. Answer the following questions regarding the negotiation process the Chinese use, assuming that you are in China to negotiate a business transaction:

(Note: You will have to do some in-depth research using the Walden Library databases to answer these questions.)

  • Name and discuss four cultural areas that will cause differences in the negotiation strategies that you and your Chinese partners use. How will you try to overcome these differences so that they do not affect the success or failure of your business negotiation?
  • If you are from a country other than the U.S., what according to you are the strengths and weaknesses of American negotiators? How do you think that these strengths and weaknesses may influence the success or failure of the negotiation process?
  • What can you expect from negotiators who are from a collectivist culture regarding their decision-making styles and the ability to say “no”?
  • Silence is used as a tactic to unnerve parties in cross-cultural negotiation. Examine your culture and discuss how periods of silence are handled during communications. Do Americans tend to avoid, tolerate, or enjoy periods of silence, particularly in business situations?
  • How would an American prepare for negotiating with the Chinese?

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