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| December 15, 2015

Is the State of Georgia required to notify a Registered Architect before changing status of his license to lapsed?

I became a register architect in the State of Georgia in 1995. Afterwards, on a two year cycle, the Secretary of the State of Georgia has sent me a renewal invoice. I have always paid that invoice on time and remained in good standing with no reprimands or complaints filed against me. Except, in 2009 the Secretary of State did not send me a renewal invoice. I have an On-Line account set up with the State Board of Architects so they have my mailing address, my phone number, and my email address. I received absolutely no notice before the State changed the status of my Architect License to “Lapsed”. When I called about this situation I was told that I would have to fill out an Application for Architect Reinstatement.

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business law
business law

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