business law

| December 15, 2015

My ex employer is accusing me of soliciting their customers that I sighed up as a fresh lead, this is not the case.

They have been contacting me as they have had no service since I left and one nearly got shut down from the health department, I guess they were desperate. I worked for Abell pest control and now I run a non pesticide business but also pest control. I have no contracts with any of their clients only gave advice and fixed a hole for free where rats where coming in as they nearly closed down. Abell called me last year to beg me to work for them, I went back and achieved their highest honor of presidents club, but from January they cut my pay from $7000 a month to $2500 or less. This is a tactic they do when they want someone out. So I* started my own business with my wife as I was going to do last year. Then I got a legal letter saying I have to stop working. I want to fight this, and I also want compensation for what they have done to my name and my reputation.

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business law
business law

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