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| December 15, 2015

Partner in LLC…who is also husband in failing marriage…trying to coerce me into signing

The Unanimous Written Consent Of Resolutions stating I also authorize trade of farmland for two other tract plus a house. He only consulted about 2 tracts, which I agreed to the 2 tracts. He then also purchased house for himself in this trade. (so 2 tracts plus house instead of just 2 tracts as I was told) He told me after committing to it. (a while back he said he would purchase a house for himself, when I said it wasn’t fine to use joint money he responds with, “you can’t stop me”) He closed on it and is now expecting me to sign as member of LLC. I didn’t agree to it. and if I sign it will show I did. What can I do? What if I don’t sign as only other member? What will that do to LLC? If I don’t sign how can he adjust to make it work for him? If I sign I can’t then say he purchased without my consent as this now gives consent. ?

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business law
business law

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